Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission


  • To create future citizens with value-based education to instill importance of values focusing on Ahimsa, Sarvodaya, and Sarva-Dharma Sadbhav.
  • Rural development, focus on women education and their empowerment
  • Higher education at affordable cost
  • To develop skill- based vocational programme.


  • Emphasis on India’s spiritual and cultural heritage with the modern scientific outlook
  • Research and other facilities for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge
  • Undertake extra mural studies programmes and field outreach activities
  • Proliferate higher education in the fields of Teacher Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences i.e. General Science, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture and other professional subjects.
  • Undertake in-service training programmes and other self-financing, job-oriented & vocational courses for exploring employability among the youth.


  • Dedication reflects in our distinctive work ethic and in our commitment to excellence.
  • Impact reflects in our commitment to address critical issues facing society regionally, nationally and globally.
  • Collaboration reflects in our interdisciplinary approach, our focus on internal and external partnerships and our capacity to create new fields of inquiry.
  • Creativity reflects in our openness to new ideas and forms of expression, intellectual curiosity, willingness to take risks and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Empathy and compassion reflect in our focus on improving the human condition and on the personal development of the members of our community.
  • Inclusion reflects in a culture and climate that seeks, welcomes and advances talented minds from diverse backgrounds.
  • Integrity embodies our unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, transparent governance, and accountable actions.
  • Sustainability reflects in our shared commitment to lead by example in preserving and protecting our natural resources, and in our approach to responsible financial planning.