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A Strong Foundation – IASE (Deemed to
be University)

The Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (Deemed to be University) has a proud past stretching back to 1950 when the petite Gandhi Vidya Mandir, parent Institution, was established in the midst of rural barren desert land Sardarshahr. From its inception with handful of students, the institution slowly grew into a giant tree which at present imparts education from primary to post-doctoral level. It has survived many ups and downs and emerged as a public university in 2002, where it got the formal recognition of Deemed to be University, under section 3 of the UGC Act 1956. Today, the university is a vibrant centre in research and academics as it embraces its root as a value-based institution.

The Institute of Advanced Studied in Education (Deemed to be University) (hereafter IASE) is an institution born out of dedication of the founder Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar ( Swami Shri Ramsharan ji Maharaj). He was an embodiment of universal humanism with higher vision and dedication. His vision was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and he believed in non-violence and universal brotherhood. He had dedicated entire life for betterment of society, expansion of education and for upliftment of the downtrodden in Sardarshahr.
The core principles of founder, Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar (Swami Shri Ramsharan ji Maharaj) , “कुछ न चाहो, काम आ जाओ” and “कोई और नहीं, कोई ग़ैर नहीं” are prioritized and practised in the environ of the institution. The firm commitment of the institution draws inspired scholars to the campus, where such thoughts are born that challenge and revolutionize the humankind.

The motto of the institution is to empower students to challenge conservative thinking in pursuit of creative ideas that develop them into a better human being. Students, here, develop critical, analytical, and writing skills in rigorous and interdisciplinary core curriculum so that they become the next generation pioneers of their vicinity. The institution goes beyond the limits to dig deeper, push further and prepare students to ask bigger questions that to leverage their knowledge to enrich the humanity. The diverse and creative students drive innovation and make masterpieces to set an example for others.

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