Department Of Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit of IASE (Deemed to be University) has been an integral part of the institution since its establishment. Initially, the Department functioned without postgraduate students for a few years. However, in 2016, it introduced the Master of Arts programme, which aims to train students who wish to pursue research and teaching in advanced areas of Vedānta, Nyāya, Yoga, Grammar, Literature and Literary Criticism as well as contemporary Indian Knowledge Systems. At the postgraduate level, students can specialize in Veda, Darśna and Kāvya. The objectives are sought to be achieved by training students and researchers on best practices in teaching, learning and assessment processes and through weekend seminars, group discussions and the use of ICT in teaching. Research within the Department focuses on interdisciplinary studies and traditional genres. Additionally, the department offers regular courses in Oral Sanskrit to enhance language proficiency among students, General Studies for competitive exams and coaching for NET/JRF is also provided.

Hod department

Sanskrit is widely regarded as one of the most captivating, scientific and methodical languages in the world. The study of Sanskrit plays a crucial role in reviving the rich cultural heritage of India. It helps the students to unlock the treasure-house of scientific insight and research results concerning positive sciences in our ancient literature. The hymns of Ṛgveda serve as the foundation of Sanskrit literature, while the Vedas are the very essence of Indian culture and tradition. It is the storehouse of all types of knowledge, offering valuable insights for leading a balanced and stress-free life in society. The culture of Sanskrit is characterized by a spirit of synthesis and assimilation, making it an invaluable asset for humanity.
(Dr. Milan Barman)
Hod department


S.No Name of Courses Duration Seats Eligibility Admission Procedure Course Fee (Rs.) Syllabus
1 M.A. Four Semesters 30 Graduate Merit /Entrance Test Rs 5500 Per Semester

Swayam Courses

S.No Name of Courses Duration Seats Eligibility Admission Procedure Course Fee (Rs.) Syllabus
1 Certificate Course in Indian Knowledge System Six Months 30 12th Standard
2 Certificate Course in Yoga Six Months 30 12th Standard
3 Certificate Course in Sanskrit Language Learning Six Months 30 12th Standard