Department of Geography

About the Geography Department
The Department of Geography started its glorious journey with the establishment of the University. Geography is primarily concerned with the location and arrangement in space of human and natural phenomena, and with the interrelationships between people and their environments. Geographers have a deep curiosity about the world, they investigate the “why” and “where” of various social, economic, and environmental phenomena. They contribute to the development of public policy and influence the way societies view themselves and the world. Geography touches almost every aspect of our lives. Geography is a scientific field that uses large amounts of data to understand spatial relationships and how they affect social and environmental issues.
Our teachers and students come from different regions of the country. We teach regularly and our research has a national and international focus. The department provides quality teaching as well as a learning environment. The department emphasizes applied geography and field work which aims at imparting practical training on the application of theoretical knowledge in solving real-life geographical problems. The department has grown in terms of academics and faculty strength. Today the department has three faculty members specializing in diverse areas of geography. The thrust areas of the department are Geomorphology, Climatology, Geography of India, Geography of Rajasthan, Tourism Geography, Social and Cultural Geography, Human Geography, Environmental Geography, Industrial Geography, Population Geography, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS, Statistical and Quantitative Techniques in Geography, and Regional Planning and Development. The Department has one spacious and well-equipped laboratory along with the Department library. There is easy access to practical tools and instruments for the students that inculcate interest in learning the subject of Geography.


S.No Name of Courses Duration Seats Eligibility Admission Procedure Course Fee (Rs.) Syllabus
1 M.A. Four Semesters 30 Graduate Merit /Entrance Test Rs 6000 Per Semester
2 PhD Six Semester Post-Graduation Entrance Test 30000 per Semester