At present, there are four departmental libraries and a Central Library to meet the wide range of needs of students, faculty members, research scholars and academicians. The Central Library is fully automated, interconnected having physical security surveillance, and fully protected with fire alarm system. The Central Library is using the latest version of SOUL 2.0. The Central Library of the institution works 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. throughout the year. The library users have access to 6,000+ e-journals, 1, 64,000+ e-books, 130+ Shodhganga resources and other e-databases. All the e-resources are based on IP access module which can be accessed anywhere in the campus having LAN connectivity.

To promote the authenticity, reliability and quality of the research work the library and the research cell can use anti-plagiarism software namely URKUND, to check the plagiarism in thesis, research papers, dissertations and reports of the students, research scholars, and faculty members. The automated library facilitates the collection, storage, and dissemination of resources and valuable information database to its users in the institution.

ICT-Equiped Classrooms

The University encourages the extensive use of ICT in teaching-learning process, innovation and research. The faculty members of the university are trained in developing e-content and teaching learners through ICT means. The methods used for applying ICT in teaching-learning process are through LCD projectors, Smart Boards, Video Conferencing, Online classes, Google Quiz, SWAYAM and MOOCs lectures, etc. Three studios have been set up for e-content development. Both the teachers and learners are trained in developing and managing e-content and resources from time to time. There are 12 ICT enabled classrooms in the campus; 3 ICT enabled auditoriums; and 3 seminar halls are daily used for top-notch quality learning-teaching process. Online tests and e-assignments are conducted which make students responsive about the ICT-enabled learning.

Wi-Fi Based Campus

The campus has unlimited Wi-Fi for students and teachers under MEICT project since 2003. Each classroom has LAN facility with high speed internet. The EDUSAT and computer lab are equipped with hi-tech computers with broadband facility. The students have access to computers in Computer lab for browsing the data in their free time.

Research Infrastructure

Many innovative practices are incessantly introduced with the aim of bringing new insights in the knowledge of the allied field and an intrusive spirit among the academicians, research scholars and students. The research infrastructure in the university includes separate research rooms and labs, Wi-Fi, high speed internet connection, latest information laden library, plagiarism tool, SPSS data analysis, journal section, etc.

Outreach Programmes of IIRS

Outreach programmes of IIRS (Indian Institute of Remote Sensing) available in the Department of Geography have enhanced the opportunity of learning, going beyond the traditional classroom approach, anytime anywhere. The Department of Geography is the nodal centre of the IIRS from 2018. Certificate courses and several workshops are conducted for students and faculty members under the flagship of IIRS in the campus. The programme is not only useful for the students of Geography but also for all the students of the deemed to be University.

Online Courses

The institution has incorporated SWAYAM and MOOCs courses for the students in the curriculum on the credit based system. The coordinators coordinate with students about the latest interdisciplinary courses and mentor them to pass the examination. As per the designed curriculum, the UG students have to pass SWAYAM courses of 4 credits. The inculcation of SWAYAM courses in the curriculum was done to expose the students to the latest trends of education in their respective fields.


The University has separate hostels for boys and girls at affordable rates. The hostel has all the basic facilities from electricity to gym. The hostels have Wi-Fi with the intake capacity of 600 occupancies. The hostel wardens treat the hostlers as their own ward and take proper care of them.

Training and Placement Cell

The training and placement cell has been established with an aim to develop a strong framework for rewarding and professional career. The T & P cell of the institution provides pre-placement training to the students.

Student Support

Various committees have been constituted as per the norms of the UGC to ensure the welfare of the students:
1. Anti Ragging Committee
2. Students Grievance Cell
3. Sexual Harassment Cell
The functions and helpline number of the committees have been displayed on the walls of the campus buildings and hostels.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a tri-service organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youths- “The leaders of Tomorrow”. The genesis of the NCC can be traced back to the first world war when the Britishers created the University corps as the second line of defence and to have a large pool of trained youths available for employment in the armed forces. To keep pace with the progress of nation in the same spirit IASE Deemed to be University has introduced NCC wing (Army) 2 Raj Battalion on 22 Nov. 2021. The motto of NCC is to develop character, comradeship discipline, and leadership, and secular outlook, spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service among the youth of the Country.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a central sector scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It provides opportunity to the student youths of 11th and 12th class of schools at +2 Board level and student youth of technical institution; Graduate and Post Graduate at College and University level of India to take part in various government led community service activities and programmes. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. Institute has two units of NSS (100 students each) with motto of “Not me but you”, reflecting democratic living and upholding the need for self-less service.

Bharat Scouts and Guides

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a voluntary, non-political educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed in accordance with the purpose, principles and method conceived by the founder Lord Baden-Powell in 1907. The purpose of the movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals as responsible citizens and as members of the Local, National and International communities.

Sports and Cultural Activities

Physical activities have always remained integral part of the campus life as it envisions the holistic development of the learners through physical, academics, and community welfare activities. The sports and yoga facilities have incessantly evolved and developed to meet the requirements of the students. The robust infrastructure of the institution promotes multitude of indoor and outdoor games such as cricket, basket ball, baseball, football, lawn tennis, running track, chess, carom, yoga, etc.
The institution has well-equipped gym separately for boys and girls. The gym is spacious, well-planned and well-maintained to boost the corporeal power and inner strength of the students. The physical trainer is available for providing apt training to the students.
The colossal infrastructure is available at the campus for intra and extramural activities:

Ram Manch: The Ram Manch has 21330 square feet plinth area with 25066 square feet covered area having the seating capacity of 5000 persons. The Ram Manch has a colossal stage along with the proper audio-visual system, and projectors. The stage is best suited for cultural activities.

Yagyashala: The inner peace of mind is the most sought after in today’s hustle and busy life. For internal peace and prosperous future of all Yagyashala is available in front of Pranav Kutir having 225 square feet covered area. The Yagyashala has in-built Hawan Kund and proper fire extinguishing system for emergency. In Yagya only biodegradable substances are used. Besides, paper plates are used wherever and whenever needed. No plastic or combustible substances are used in nearby areas.

Rajiv Gandhi Kridangan: The Rajiv Gandhi Kridangan has 488899 square feet covered area bounded by huge walls with proper exit and entry points. Besides regular use for various ground is used to organize various sports events; colossal cultural activities and national festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day, International Yoga Day, etc.

Prashal/Auditorium: Four auditoriums are available in the campus each having approx 3000 square feet covered area with seating arrangement of 500 persons. The auditoriums are available in each faculty and in main building with well-equipped audio-visual system and projectors. The cultural activities and indoor sports activities are organized faculty-wise as well as collectively in the Prashal.

Rangmanch: The Rangmanch or theatre is available in the Shramdan Uddhyan of the Faculty of Education having 580 square feet covered area. The students attend their drama classes and practice for plays and theatre activities in the Rangmanch.

Basketball Court: Two basketball courts are available in the campus with an area of 6542 square feet are available for students and staffs with proper lighting system.

Badminton Court: Three badminton courts of 880 square feet are available for students and staffs with proper lighting system, especially for the evening hours.

Sports Room: Each faculty has one sports room of 770 square feet. The sports rooms are equipped with the equipment’s of indoor and outdoor sports, first-aid kit, weighing machine, seating arrangements, etc.


1. Ram Manch with capacity of 2000
2. Auditorium1 at Faculty of Education with capacity of 300
3. Auditorium2 at Faculty of Education with capacity of 300
4. Auditorium at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences with capacity of 700

Rover Ranger Activities

1. Rover Ranger Samagam (National Gathering of Rovers and Rangers), Rover Moot / Ranger Meet. Rover Service Camp, Adventure Programs, Trekking Camps in Himalayas, Sea Coast and Deserts, Mountaineering, Water Activities.
2. Disaster Management & Preparedness
3. Community Development programs
4. Handicrafts & Vocational Courses
5. Youth forums, Youth Parliament, Group discussions
6. Life Skill development program that includes development of Survival Skills through exposure to adventure/international events.

Mentor-Mentee System (Aapna Pariwar)

The main focus of mentorship is to develop the all-round personality of the students and to make them more professionally competent and responsible citizens by the time they leave the university. Each faculty member functions as a counselor for a group of students. The ratio is about 1:24 (teacher-student) during the entire period of their study in the university. The teachers assist the students to cope up with the curriculum, academic stress, participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, solve personal issues, as well as groom their skills and assist in their personality development.

Friendly Environment for the Differently Abled

In the institution ramps are available for the differently abled persons. They can use the ramp instead of staircases. The campus has the facilities for such people who move about in wheelchairs. Accessible toilets are designed with large floor space to make easy in and out movement for wheelchair users and also for unisex groups. To transcribe the answer for the student in university examinations and internal assessment tests, the scribe facility is also provided to those students who have difficulty in producing clear text or diagrams due to various reasons.

Central Mess and Canteen

The University owns Central Mess which provides healthy, hygienic and tasty food at affordable rates. The breakfast, lunch, dinner etc are easily available to students, staff and others in the university campus.

Amenities at Walking Distance

The following amenities are available at the university campus:
1. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
2. Bank branch of Punjab National Bank.
3. Post Office
4. Transportation Facilities for students

Free Medical Check-up

Shri Bhanwar Lal Dugar Ayurved Vishwa Bharti (hereafter SBLD AVB), the renowned Ayurved Medical College is run. It is also owned by the parent institution i.e. Gandhi Vidya Mandir. All the facilities available at the medical college are extended to the students. Continuous health monitoring and timely medical check-ups are available for the students. The immediate facilities and emergency services (including Ambulance) are provided at the campus by the renowned SBLD AVB Physicians and surgeons.

Button Mushroom culture Training & Production

Button Mushroom culture Training & Production centre- Mushrooms are high protein, low fat fungi of great economic value. In modern times when the human being is concerned about cholesterol and coronary health conditions, mushrooms serve as a very good diet supplement. The Division of Botany has taken initiative in this regard and established mushroom production, a practically oriented training programme.

Gaushala and Organic Farm

The parent institution runs Gaushala and Organic Farms in the campus for staff to provide them pure milk and milk products as well as organic seasonal vegetables at reasonable rates