Chancellor's Desk

There is nothing so sublime and pure as knowledge says the Bhagwat Gita. Before disseminating a sublime, pure and powerful thing like knowledge the recipient must be prepared to use it correctly. Indian sages called this सुपात्र विद्या दान. The Sages also described the objective of learning as ‘‘सा विद्या या विमुक्तये’’ ‘true knowledge is that which liberates’. For peace and progress tomorrow the future citizens must be released from all bondings and reservations of caste, creed, region, language, gender, religion etc. This could be possible by instilling human values in them, and the best way of doing it is through education, thereby propagating the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkam i.e. ‘whole world is a fraternity’. Without this, knowledge becomes dangerous and self destructive. The founder of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Swami Ramsharanji, a first generation Gandhian, visualized this 64 years ago and started this institution with the objective of inculcating values in the citizens of tomorrow. He said, ‘Humanity has tried all possible means in the search of peace like reforms in social, political and economic systems and even religion, but none could deliver; this leads us to education as the last resort’. That is why, he integrated the imparting of Human Values with full spectrum of educational activities in this institution; all educational ventures. This includes the inventions and subsequent unending reforms in the systems of society, politics, economy and even religion in all the courses taught at Gandhi Vidya Mandir including IASE (Deemed to be University). That legacy was ably continued by our Ex-President and first Vice Chancellor Late Shri Milap Dugar. I am happy to see all the present faculty members, administrators and staff fully wedded to these principles.

As a principle, Gandhi Vidya Mandir along with IASE (Deemed to be University) is covenant to convert its students into duty bound human beings instead of money minting machines. – Kanak Mal Dugar

Our Chancellor(s)

Late Shri Hari Bhau Upadhyay(Former Chief Minister of Ajmer and Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan)

Late Shrimannarayan Agarwal(Former Governer of ujrat and Eminent
Gandhian Thinker)

Late Dr. Karni Singh(Formar Maharaja of Bikaner and Member
of The Parliament)

Late Niranjan Nath Acharya(Former Speaker, Rajasthan
State Legislative Assembly

Late Justice Bhagwati Prasad(Formar Chief Justice of Rajsthan
High Court)

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee(Former Prime Minister of India)

Dr. L.M. Sighavi(Senior Advocate of Supreme Court,
Member, Permanent Court of Arbitration,
High Commisioner (UK))

Shri Kanakmal Ji Dugar(Presently Chancellor)