Online Services

Online Services


Dear students, kindly apply for the degree of B.Tech and M.Tech only if you have passed the AICTE examination.

The above headed online services is introduced by ‘The Institute of Advanced Studies in Education’ (Deemed to be University) for the help of students .These services give the students another way to apply for their documents which they dont have/lost on their part.The purpose behind posting this information is only to make aware all the students about this new channel of services introduced by the University to help the students so that they can immediately apply for the documents as per their requirements after their completion of courses from the University.Following are the decoded online services that are introduced by the University:


It is a document issued against the application of the student upon the completion of his graduation/post graduation courses etc. The ‘Provisional Certificate’ is an adequate proof in lieu of completion of course as long as the degree is not issued by the University. It is a well certified document required by the Student. Provisional Certificate is used for the following purposes:
a) For the immediate Application of further studies
b) For the immediate application of job
c) As a proof of completion of course till the issuance of degree
d) It is sometimes required by the student who is going Abroad for job/further studies.


A Consolidated sheet providing the statement of marks of a student’s all semesters/ years of courses in a one sheet. Transcript is a documentation of a student’s permanent academic record, which is usually meant for all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received, and degree conferred to a student. Transcript is issued after the completion of courses and on the request of the student which is provided on the letter head of the University duly signed by a competent authority. It is also sometimes required for the studies/job in Abroad.


a) It is being issued on the request of the student on completion of studies when he /she is preferring to get admission in another state’s University.
b) It is also required to take admission in the different college within the period of course duration, if the student is seeking for the change of University or college. And further if, he or she wants to migrate to some other University/institute/board, if he/she wants to utilize it for an academic purpose.


a) A document authenticating that the student belongs to a particular Educational Institute/University /College.
b) It provides the overview of the information that a student belongs to a particular class/course and studying the same in the University for a specified time period.
c) It is useful for the job placements and further Studies.
d) It has high demand at the employee level.
e) It is required at the time if one is seeking an admission Abroad for further studies.


a) Document authenticating the qualification awarded to student upon successful completion of a course undertaken by a College or a University.
b) Degree is issued against the application of the student with the supporting self attested documents.
c) It is the most important document certifying that the entire academic session of a particular course of the student is completed.
d) A Certificate to take further admission, further job , in case of immigration to another country, and most importantly it shows as a proof of level of education the student has undertook.
The above stated documents are required by the student and if any how he or she delays in case of applying the same then one or the another day he/she realizes his/her mistake but as such fails to fill the gap/ deficiency on their part at one stage of his/her life. To save our students from this future difficulty as seen commonly within the students this easiest way of online services is introduced for the benefits of the students. Apart from above, the University’s Authority is introducing some more important links and provisions which are stated as follows:

I. Provision for application of Duplicate Documents if required by the student:


a) If due to some unfortunate circumstances, he/she has lost his/her documents, like; marksheet, degree, provisional certificate, transcript or bonafide certificate etc. Then the student has an option to apply for the duplicate documents to fulfil his/her urgent need of documents.
b) For the benefits and on the high demand of the students, the University has specifically introduced the provision of Duplicate copy of documents in the University rules.
c) The student can, with the required application enclosing the affidavit along with the copy of FIR of the lost documents and prescribed fee however, satisfying all other requirements as per University’s rules, apply for a copy of duplicate documents.

II. If the students have any grievances, during the duration of their courses or after the completion of their course regarding the issue of Documents or difficulty in pursuing the courses or any other grievance, then he/she can post his/her grievances at the ‘Online Link’ provided as follows for the student’s convenience: Students are assured that on posting the online grievances they will be replied within 48 to 72 working hours from the date of posting of grievances.