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Welcome to the Official Alumni Society of IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahar – An interactive networking platform for the Alumni of IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahar to connect with each other, thus forging and cementing relationships formed during their student life at IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahr.

This website aims at offering a quick overview of the activities of IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahar. It will help in widening network and collaborations with Alumni, and various activities at IASE (Deemed to be University), Sardarshahr.

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Alumni are requested to join as a member of Alumni society of IASE (Deemed to be University) and GVM.

Fast Facts

Gandhi Vidya Mandir was founded by Late Shri Kanhaiyalal Dugar (Swami Shriramsharan Ji Maharaj) in 1950. It was conceptualized as a Rural University.

It has following thrust areas:

1. Sowing the seed of humanism into the human being.
2. Rural education (Focus on Teachers’ Education)
3. Rural health (Through Indian system of Medicine)
4. Rural socio economy (Focus on Technical and Vocational skills)
5. Value education (Emphasis on Human values)

The foundation stone of the main building was laid down in 1955 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India.

The administrative setup of GVM has been like University having Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, BoM, Academic Council, finance committee, etc. and our Chancellors have been prominent persons like Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Shri Hari Bhau Upadhyay, Shri Niranjan Nath Acharya,Dr. Shrimanna Narayan Agarwal, Justice B.P. Berry, Dr. Karani Singh, Shri Alal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr. L.M.Singhvi, etc.

IASE of GVM was declared as ‘Deemed to be University’ on 25th June 2002

The Alumni society of the Deemed to be University has been Registered on dated 29-12-2017, S.No. COOP/2017/CHURU/100026 dated 29-12-2017. However the Alumni Association in the BSTC started in the year 1962 with passing out of first batch of M.Ed.

Main objectives of the society are to promote and encourage members :

1. For brotherhood.
2. For progressive activities of IASE (Deemed to be University) and GVM other institutes of the GVM.
3. For awarding Scholarships/Fellowships and Prizes to the Students.
4. For Academic Association..

Let the Alumni do anything and everything for the Excellences of the Society and the Institute Deemed to be University and GVM.

Making IASE Deemed to be University, A Centre of Excellence in the field of Education with values, Global Harmony.

Aims and Objectives of the Association are as under :
1. To promote and encourage friendly relation amongst all the members of the Society.
2. To promote interaction amongst the Alumni of the IASE (Deemed to be University), and between the Alumni of other sister institutions (Schools and Collages) of GVM.
3. To encourage the members to take active interest in the activities and the progress of the Deemed to be University.
4. To encourage promote and facilitate education and research in various branches of education.
5. To award scholarships and prizes to the students.
6. To honour distinguished Alumni.
7. To organise, establish and create sub-centers/local chapters at different places in India and abroad & affiliate them to the Society.
8. To accept gifts, donations, contributions, etc. from Alumni, Association, Institutions, Companies, Organizations, Person or Bodies with in India and abroad and State/Central Governments for the purpose of achieving the above objects of the Society.
9. To give donations and gifts to individuals, organizations, institutions or Deemed to be University for facilitating the development in conformity with the above objects of the Society.
10. To affiliate itself to any local, State, National and International organisation/institute for the benefit of the Society.
11. To make projects and programs for the benefit of society.
12. To do all such things, as may be necessary, or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects specified above.

Dr. Kanchan Sharma (President)
I convey my heartfelt thanks to my fellow members who have reposed their faith in me as the President of the Society for the term 2017-18. I perceive the Society as a vibrant platform to serve Alma Mater. There is no denying the fact that whatever position today I have got is all thanks to Alma Mater. Now I feel privileged to get an opportunity to redeem my gratitude. I appeal to all of you to rise to the occasion to contribute to the holistic development of Our Alma Mater.

Mr. Prveen Sharma (Secretary)

I feel honoured on being entrusted with the duty of serving as the Secretary of Alumni Society, Sardarshahar for 2017-18. I solicit the co-operation from all fellow Alumni members for the all round development of our institution. The Alma Mater is poised to face the challenges emerging every day in the present world. It is a god send opportunity for all of us to do something constructive for the Alma Mater.



Dr. Kanchan Sharma : President
Mr. Praveen Sharma : Secretary
Dr. Manisha Verma : Vice President
Dr. Anurag Haritwal : Vice President
Dr. Narendra Bhatt : Joint Secretary
Mr. Pushp Dant Jain : Treasurer


  • Patron Member = 11000/-
  • Associate Member = 5100/-
  • Life Member = 2100/-
  • Annual Member = 100/-
  • Honorary Member