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Department of Engineering
Department of Engineering at IASE has been established with a view to provide quality technical education, we intend to develop this department into a Centre of Excellence. It has been planned to achieve quality in all aspects, from the very beginning. Due emphasis is laid on class room teaching, use of latest teaching aids and methodologies, teaching faculties drawn from different parts of the country, mechanism for resource sharing with institutes, industry-institution interfaces, arrangements for on-the-job training for students and creating congenial environment for studies on the campus.
Our mission is to bolster a new generation of technocrats and business leaders who are catalysts of change and are innovators in relentless pursuit of excellence. Besides a good team of resident teachers, the visiting faculty is drawn from industry and other educational institutions to participate in academic process in a substantial way. The focus is on the pedagogy for integrating conceptual knowledge in relevant subjects with due emphasis on practical applications.
Engineering College Building
This is based on the popular belief that a more complete learning takes place when the students are able to put class room concept and theories into practice. To have involvement of industry in academic process, IASE has made necessary arrangements with various industrial and financial institutions.
Department of Life Sciences
Emerged as a new subject, Biotechnology is an outcome of marriage of Biological Science with Technology. Multi-disciplinary strategies were formulated which led to the evolution of Biotechnology. The various techniques developed to produce rare and medicinally valuable molecules to change hereditary traits of plants and animals, to diagnose diseases, to produce useful chemicals and to clean-up and restore the environment have been specially included in the course design.

The Biotechnology department of IASE has a rich tradition of a fine faculty and infrastructure where essential, common utility equipments are housed.
Due to exponentially rapid developments taking place in this area, no difference is found between pharmaceutical firms and biotechnology industry, as far as the demand of highly skilled manpower in this sector is concerned. The surge of products in the pipeline and renewed public confidence make it one of the most promising areas of economic growth in future.

Programmes B.E./B. Tech. M.Sc.
Admission Procedure Merit/Entrance Test Merit/Entrance Test
  1. Computer Science Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Biotechnology
M.Sc. Biotechnology
Duration 4 Years 2 Years
  • 10+2 (Maths)
  • Lateral entry in 2nd year, B.Sc (Math / Biology) with minimum 60% marks.
  • 10+2 (Science)
  • B.Sc.
Course Fee Rs. 35,000 per semester Rs. 35,000 per semester
Available Laboratory:
Name of the Laboratory : Name of the Equipment
Physics Lab. : Battery charger with meter 2, Battery eliminator 6, LCR circuit and resonance each, Fresnel  1, Biprism app. , J.J Thomson app. 2, Plank’s constant app. 2, Newton’s Ring app. 2, Hall effect app. 2, DC Micro ammeter  15, Post office box  1, Resistance box (1ohm to1000ohm)  20 & Resistance,  Stop watch  2,Traveling microscope horizontal  1, Thermocouple  1, Spectrometer  4, Polarimeter  3, Nodal slide assembly & Tunnel  Diode  characteristics apparatus complete set  1, Carey Foster Bridge   & Band gap apparatus 2 each, Hall effect complete set  1, Semecandecoter, Zener, Photo, Lighte And Diode , Transistor and Photo electric cell  characteristics  apparatus complete set  characteristics  ,  Electrical measuring meters, Resonant of series com.with  AF  oscillator  1, Various types way keys   , Various Keys, DC meters   8, Dispersive power of Prism planes  1 each, Electric heater  1, Copper Iron Thermocouple set  1, Various cell , Bread Board  15
Digital Electronics Lab. : IC Supply(5V)  15, IC Supply(12V)  15, Digital IC Trainer Kit  5, Digital Multimeter  5, AND, OR, NAND, NOR, NOT using NAND and NOR gate Kit  5, R.S,D,J.K, flip-flop Kit  5, Encoder and Decoder Circuit Kit
EMI Lab. : Kelvin’s double bridge kit  1, Anderson bridge kit  2, Maxwell bridge kit  2, Wein bridge kit  2, LVDT kit  4, RTD kit  4, Thermistor kit  4 & Thermocouple kit  4, Stroboscope kit  2,
Tachogenerator(meter) kit  2,  Electronic power factor meter  2 & Desauty Bridge  1, Earth , resistance tester kit  2, Single phase energy meter  2, DC power supply  (0-32V), 0-16V  6, Standard cell box  10 ,Ac voltmeter (analog)  23 ,Q= meter   1 , Analog Wattmeter 1500/3000Wattmeter  3, Analog Wattmeter3000/6000Watt  3, Spot reflecting galvanometer  5
Electrical Machine Lab. : D.C compound motor(2 H.P, 230V)  1, Series testing board   10, Ohm meter (0-500 Ω)  10 , Stardelta , Rheostat(2A,100 Ω)  10, D.O.L starter 2- 5 A  5, Star delta starter 10-15 A  2, Three phase transformer (2/3 KVA 415 V air cooled, terminals brought out on front panel (input output can adjust as star delta)  2, Three phase transformer core type (3 KVA 415 V) air cooled,having 1:1 ratio with centre taping all arrangements should be in ms housing with powder coated paint and all connection of input and output should be connect through BT-5 type  terminal. Core should be made from CRGO type material  4, Single phase transformer(2KVA, 230 V, 50 Hz) with control panel in backelite case  6, Isolation transformer  1, Scott connection transformer(3&2  KVA)  2, Synchronous Motor 3 φ / , DC Motor2.2 Kw/ Exciter  2, AC generator 5KVA/ DC motor 3.7Kw Excitor  2, Moving coil  Ammeter, Voltmeter, Dynamometer, Wattmeter, Energy meter  15, Moving iron Ammeter, Voltmeter, Dynamometer, Wattmeter, Energy meter  15, KEW demonstration working model of , moving coil DC ammeter(0-5A), DC voltmeter(0-300V)  4, Cut transparent working model of AC squirrel cage induction motor with all parts like ststor, rotor, bearing, widing (1 HP, 415V)  1, Three phase auto transformer(8 Amp)  3, Variac 3 phase (10,15A)  2, AC squirrel cage induction motor( 3H.P, 414 V, 1440 , Single phase auto transformer(8 amp)  2, 3 phase capacitor load  1, Rheostate 10Amp, 10ohm, 10Amp, 25ohm, 3 Amp, 65ohm  12, Power factor meter  10, Digital Wattmeter(1 phase)   10, Digital Microammeter 0- 100µA, 0-250µA, 0-500µA  9, Single phase wattmeter(portable Electro dynamometer type) Current ciol: 2.5A, 5A,10A         Potential coil : 150/300V250/500V  One Current Range one voltage Range  One Current Range Two voltage Range Two Current Range Three Voltage Range Low power factor Wattmeter C.Coil: 2.5/5A , 5/10A P.coil: 125/250/500V   12, Single phase wattmeter(Electro dynamometer type) C.Coil: 2.5/5A,5/10A, P.coil: 125/250/500V  6, Digital Temperature meter  2, Star Delta Starter Manual  2, Earth resistance kit  1 & Voltage selector switch  15, Froc banana terminal  700 set & Banana cross hole lead  300set, Banana socket  300pc, Banana pin  300 pc, Ampere selector switch  20, Inductive load 3phase 10amp  1, Rotor resistance starter 20 HP Rotor resistance starter 50 HP   2
Electric Circuit Lab. : Star – delta Transformation kit  3 & R L C circuit kit with power supply  3, Thevenin theorem kit  3 & Norton theorem kit  3, Maxwell theorem kit  3, DC-analyze resistor networks kit  3, General pupose PCB  and push buttens , Banana connector( 1 meter long)  200set, BNC to BNC cable  50 & BNC to crocodile cable  50, Inductor(1mH,10mH,1H,20mH,300mH,2H,5H,10H,100H)  100 each, ,DC regulated general pupose power supply)  5, Digital multimeter  10, 5 in 1 16Amp Anchor  30, M.C.B S.P 6-32 Amp legrand with box  25, M.C.B D.P 6-32 Amp legrand with box  25, M.C.B T.P 6-32 Amp legrand with box  25, M.C.B F.P 6-32 Amp legrand with box  25, E.L.C.B legrand  30mA, 25 Amp D.P. 30mA 25 Amp F. P. 30mA 40 Amp D. P. 30mA 40 Amp F. P.  3 each
EDC Lab. : Digital Multimeter  15, Regulated D.C power Supply(0-30V)  10, C.R.O (2 MHz, 2-channel)  5
P-N Junction diode characteristics Kit  3, Zener diode characteristics Kit  3, Single stage amplifier Kit  3 & Clipping and Clamping circuit Kit  3, FET  characteristics Kit  3 & RC coupled amplifier circuit  3, Bipolar Junction transistor characteristics Kit Common Emmiter Common Base Common Collector   6, Half Wave Rectifier kit  2 & Full wave Rectifier  2 & MOSFET characteristics
Communication Lab. : Amplitude Modulation Modulator and demodulator kit using power & Frequency Modulation Modulator and demodulator kit using power supply   & Pulse Amplitude Modulation with power, Pulse Width modulation with power Supply  1 & Pulse position Modulation with Power Supply  1, Frequency shift Key with power Supply  1 & Phase shift Key with power Supply  1& Amplitude shift Key with power Supply  1, Delta Modulator and demodulator with power Supply  1, Transmission line trainer (Co-axial Cable) with Power Supply  1, Digital time Division Multiplexing and demultiplexing kit with Power Supply  1, Pulse code modulation trainer kit with power supply  1, Analog signal sampling and reconstruction with Power Supply  1, DSB-SSB amplitude modulation and demodulation trainer kit with power Supply  1, DSB-SSB Amplitude Modulation Transmitter  1, DSB-SSB Amplitude Modulation Receiver.  1
Microwave Engineering Lab. : Microwave bench with klystron power supply, mount, tube, isolator etc.  1, Microwave bench with klystron power supply, mount, tube, isolator, magic tree, detector mount etc.  1, VEER Microwave bench with 19 components  1, Microwave test bench  1, Gunn Power supply   1, Gunn Oscillator  1, Pin modulator  1 & Isolator  1, Freq. meter, direct reading type  1, Variable attenuator  1, Slotted section, tunable probe, detector probe, detector mount, movable short, matched termination  1, VSWR meter   1
Bio-Technology Lab. : Digital pH Meter  4, Trinocular Microscope   1, Trinocular Microscope with camera  1, Magenetic Stirrer  2, Electronic Balance  2, Binocular Microscope  6, Autoclave Double Walled  4, B.O.D. Incubator  3, Shakercum BOD Incubator  1, Oven Double Walled  2, Deep Freezer (-200c)  1, Water Bath  2, Bio safety cabinet  1, Microtrom  1, TLC Chamber Set  1, Electrophorosis Apparatus  2, Refreigrated Centrifuge   1, Fixed Angle Rotorhead  1, Servo Voltage stablizer  3, Thermocyler   1 ,DNA sequencer with power supply  1, Gel doc system with u.v transilluminator  1, Frementor system  1, Sonycater  1, Flurometer  1, Spectrophotometer with PC  1, Elisa reader  1, 1000 LUX TUBE  3, Tissue culture rax  2, N2 cylinder  1, Colony counter  2 , Labtop cooler  2, Cooler Box  1, Gas Pack Jar  1 , Centrifuge  1,
Electrical & Electronics Lab. : p-n junction diode  2, Mosfet Characterstics  1, Photo diode  1 & Photo transistor  1, Transistor push pull amplifier  1 & Op- amp V-I converter.  1, Oscillators  1 & Op-amp Win bridge oscillator  1 & UJT relaxation oscillator  1, Clamping – clipping & Op-amp int. & diff.  & Bi stable multivibrator   & , Frequency counter  1, Function generator  2 ,T.V tuner with tube  1, D.C power supply  4 & Signal injector  2 & Oscilloscope  4 , Over head projector 2 , Electrical oven  1, Voltmeter ammeter analog   20, Digital Multimeter(small)  8, Op-amp v-I, I-V , Converter   1, Transformer 1-phase  3, Transformer 3-phase  2, Auto transformer  2, Digital Voltmeter  10, Digital ammter  25, Vriac  2, Digital Wattmeter  5, Circuit connection panel  10, 3-phase resistive load  2
Computer science & Engineering Lab. : Server  1, Server Rack  1, Desktop PC   35, Desktop PC  35, Desktop PC  10, TFT  18, UPS  37, UPS  25, UPS  15, Printer  3, Printer  3, Licensed Software Microsoft Office 2007 English ,OLP NL with Media Kit  Multi user, Microsoft Win XP Pro E85-04999 Eng NL OLP with Media Kit  Multi user, Ae Codgear C++ Builder Pro 2007 Network Lic  Multi user,   Windows 2008 Server Addition P72-03147 with Media Kit  Multi user, Quick Heal ADMIN CONSOLE( 60 USERS)  Multi user
Mechanical Workshop and Mechnics Lab. (Fluid) : Nanda lathe machine 8’  1, Nanda lathe machine 4.5’  1, Nanda shaping machine 24’’  1, Nanda radial drilling machine  1, Nanda lathe machine 6’  1, Nanda milling machine  1, Surface grinder  1, Abrasive pipe cutter  1 &  Slip gauge  1, Carbide wear block  4 & Gauge , Snap go & no go  & Gauge plug single  1 &  Gauge telescope  1 & Dial indicator  1, Straight edge   &  Block vee pad  2 each, Grinder 1 H.P  3, Drilling machine capacity(1’inch)  1, Power hacksaw complete  1, Welding transformer  2, Anvil 50 kg  2, Surface plate  4, Electric furnaces  4, Electric oven  3, Motors/ 1 & 3 phase , Tool  bit holders, Carpentry Bench vice 6”  1, Parallel Jaw Bench vice 8”  8, Machine vice  & Swivel Base vice  , Faligue Testing Machine  1, Rock well Hardness  Testing Machine  1, Universal machine vice 6”  8, V. notch Equipment  1, ,Pilot Static tube Equipments  1, Bernoullis theorem Equipments  1, Orifice & Mouth piece Equipments  1, Frictional losses in pipe Equipments  1, Nozzle meter Apparatus  1, Cochran Boiler  1, Locomotive Boiler  1, Ignition System of Coil  1, Combined High Steam & , om pressure value  1, Test Rig of Nozzle meter  1, Cut Sectional Differential Gear & Acre man , Steering mechanism  & End Cam with translating follower , Cylinder Cam  & End Cam with translating follower  & Crank & slotted mechanism , ,Centrifugal pump test rig  1, Pellon wheel turbine  1, Meta Centric Height Equipments  1, Journal Bearing apparatus  1, , Triffler suspension  1, ,Air Compressor test Rig  1, Air Conditioning test Rig  1, Thermal Conductivity of Insulation  1, Stefen Bolt & man apparatus  1, Emisuity measurements apparatus  1, Mechanical Heat Pump Test Rig  1, Natural Connection  1, ,Pin- Fin apparatus  1, Whirling of Shaft  1
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