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Advance Energy Research Centre of IASE Deemed University
Energy Research Centre
(A  R&D lab for energy losses, control solutions)

The IASE Deemed University,(Gandhi Vidya-Mandir) has established joint venture advance energy  study research centre, that conduct R&D work, in the branch of mechanical/electrical engineering’s. Our Energy lab is established equipped with latest advance facilities. That can assess/evaluate, any conventional machines, for its work efficiency standards, along with power consumption ratio and of actual energy losses that is taking place, in working of the machine it is designed for.

Our main objective of developing latest most energy efficient technologies, that uses solar energy, and its show casing, in order to share, our technological know- how, for which we are seeking, collaborators from National and International platform, Cooperate houses, entrepreneurs, venture capital investors, angel fund providers. Reputed universities collages, faculty and students of science wish to associate with our Energy Lab. Also we would like to share our technical knowhow with those agencies engaged in skill developments and our honorable prime minister (Mr. Narender modi ji ) make in India programs.
We are also very much interested, collaborate in joint venture, initiative undertakings, to work along those countries which do not have sufficient natural resources, for power generations, such as fossil fuel, rivers capable of providing Hydro electric power, and depends on fossil fuel exports, we have appropriate technologies to reduce their fossil fuel consumption.

Our Main Focus Area of Research
Our main focus area of research operation is towards controlling, overcoming energy losses that occur at massive scale, in working of various kinds of machines that consumes energy.  Our attention towards in particular, the area of- prime-movers and its power-transmission units that is the crucial essential part of every machine.  To meet our energy efficiency requirements, we have developed very special purpose energy evaluating apparatus, which is designed for determining the actual energy, requirement of any machine it needs, to accomplish to perform a particular work it is designed for. The energy evaluating apparatus also has provisions to access designing concepts, both electrical & mechanical prime movers/power transmission systems. That helps and provides the expert research team, in finding appropriate machine design solutions that can be implemented, incorporated in the machine to minimise/control energy losses, to develop much more energy efficient machines, of present and of future generations, compared to conventional energy inefficient machines.

Our energy loss control research lab, at engineering faculty of IASE DEEMED UNIVERSITY-Is one among very few research labs working across the world, that is working to improve PRIME-MOVERS AND ITS POWER TRANSMISION UNITS, such as of fossil fuels engines, and grid power electric prime movers

Our research works in this direction , since last 4 decades ,our work yielded some very positive results, attaining very crucial most required breakthrough. That leads to technology, invention, and discovery of energy transit juncture drive (e-TJD) - principal, In which energy is transited at pre-determined juncture to control overcome, minimize thermal, and frictional losses that occurs with conventional types of prime mover mount gear system drive used with machines of work .

To have a proper understanding let’s look what role does a prime mover play in an engine? And why you need power transmission unit along with prime movers at all? There are two things to know-


Why not prime mover i.e. - (engine alone) is used to drive the car, despite the car engine has the provision of an accelerator, to increase or decrease speed/power, there is also a provision of clutch to disconnect engine from wheels. The engineering says that gear box is also related to the same thing that is torque/speed vice-versa mechanism which is same as engine does.

The answer says that engine will have knocking disorder and rapid shocks resulting into wear and tear i.e. machine damage.
2. In the fossil fuel engine one my notice though the fuel combustion cycle takes place inside the cylinder, that exerts pressure equally in all directions, but piston is designed to reciprocate and rotate the crank shaft of the engine, due above said reason most of the energy is lost in producing heat, as well as power transmission  losses- (thermodynamic principal)

However if prime movers thermal losses and power transmission friction loss fault corrections, if can be done it will control 70% of energy loss.

We noticed that all mechanical power transmission systems, consists of gears, pulleys, chain sprockets, fly wheels, and wheels that falls under 2nd and 3rd kind of levers category, used in designing/developing power transmission systems coupled along with prime movers .the fuel is consumed by prime movers to generate mechanical energy, the energy is further distributed through power transmission unites( gear box ) that provides power to workout different functional part of any machine .hence ,two types of energy losses are occurring .
1)engine heat loss
2)gearbox frictional loss

The major most function of prime mover and its transmission unit is to provide two main function  of controlling, speed or torque, increase or decrease visa versa. Which prime movers alone can not power, to perform under such load conditions .That means the prime movers alone are inefficient, hence it is the speed that maters. Almost all prime movers, of thermodynamic or of electrical, such as fossil fuel engines, or electric motors, require creating high torque to overcome opposing load, which is always high. If we take case study of fossil fuel engines, we notice crank shaft stroke cycle is far smaller compared to the wheel size of a car, hence crank shaft of the engine rotates at very high speed that is coupled with gearbox to produce low speed high torque, capable to move the car wheel. Hence crank shaft can not be designed according to car wheel size; the making of engine has its own technical limits of engineering design considerations. The same is in the case of electric prime movers, the rotor diameter of motor not necessarily be of the size pulley, if it is used for delivering high torque, requirements.

Along with our ongoing R&D work, that is of developing designing energy loss control systems, our development initiatives with conventional machines. We also focused our attention towards exploring, photovoltaic cell energy source, which has been well known for its very poor energy generation output/ efficiency. At present, solar energy application is highly efficient and most economical, only for lighting industrial purpose. Conventional PV CELLs panels are not economical enough due to high capital investment cost, recovery cycle for working grid powered appliances.  Our work in this direction carried out on photo voltaic cell technology, to enhance its scope, by using other engineering options rather than working on semiconductors, to make it economically viable- to be used for providing power, in running heavy duty industrial applications. We succeeded in finding most economically viable appropriate solutions, by exploring other engineering technology options. That it will be of most low-cost- in-par that matches with grid power cost, so it can be within reach, of common masses across the globe. Everyone knows that solar energy is the only ultimate unlimited energy source. That is capable to meet global energy requirements of all kinds, in survival of human society on this planet to sustain our life in green clean environment.

We at our university, working in this direction at our lab, with humble beginning, have contribution & achievement, records. We would like to showcase, that through our web site. With hope of seeking global collaborators to join us in partner-ship, to further explore, and inseminate the technology that we have developed to reach the most needy common masses. Working In this direction we are also initiating, energy Technology Park. That demonstrates various kinds of most energy efficient working models, of heavy duty industrial, & agricultural machine applications, that works on solar energy. A step towards introducing most low cost, solar energy applications, with following features.
Now with this-technology it is possible to power most heavy duty, machines of engineering work, to run with solar energy, such as Agricultural, machine implements, industrial productions machines, heavy & light duty transport vehicles, cargo ships, propeller air crafts, hovercrafts. And machine-shop tools implements, mining & earth work machines,centralised A-C and cold storage, systems. Also to power Nemours other commercial requirements, applications, the power near at par with grid power cost. Our university is seriously working to control green gas emission and pollution control issue faced across the globe that is threatening human survival on our planet mother earth, so we are working to reduce fossil fuel usage and minimise dependency on grid power.

Following are the benefits :-

1- Heavy Capital investment cost reduction, up to 50% in solar panel instalment compared to conventional solar energy photo-voltaic cells panels. Which also has optional power switch over equipment’s, to be operated with grid power.
2- Huge 60% saving on power storage batteries backup-, Installations’ cost, and saving in its replacement & service maintenance, cost effective solution.
3- The most main feature-
the investors previously were not interested is the capital investment on solar energy projects. Due to high capital cost investment and very long capital cost recovery   period. The technology and invention has overcome this problem, and is much shorter&reliable with enough good profit margins. The invention has brought much better advantage of profit margin in investing in, industrial, agricultural and of commercial sector service providing machines, and produce commercial benefits, in running heavy duty machines, of commercial requirements.  We wish to show case- some working validated technology innovations. Developed by us, to the interested, collaborates wishes to join us.

Director technology park
IASE Deemd University

Gandhi vidhya mandir
sardarshahr - 331403
Dist.Churu, Rajasthan

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